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Time is changing, and all things are moving on the Internet; also people are too busy in their work, they don’t have time to watch sports in their living room or to be present on that place where sports is playing. Well, here you will get a big list for Best Free Sports Streaming Sites.

Sports lovers are amazing people. You know why? Because they have the right understanding of winning and losing, Winning and losing is the part of sports as well as life.

That’s why I decided to help you because I can understand the feeling of a sports lover. But before knowing about the complete list of free sports streaming sites, I want to tell you some things which definitely will help you to enhance your understanding of this topic.

Streaming sports without getting permission from the respected authority an illegal activity. If everyone starts watching sports free of cost, then how the Sports industry will earn? That’s why they charge you.

Here I will share with you some name and links of Free Sports Streaming Sites but remember Your Government or Internet Service Provider (ISP) can ban these types of websites because it is an illegal service.

Now you are thinking if that is illegal then why I am providing this free sports streaming list? They will also offer you a link to watch free sports online, and it will change time to time, they don’t store or stream any sports directly from their servers. That’s the reason they are surviving on the Internet; otherwise, your nation’s government will ban them.

Top Free Live Sports Streaming Sites

I have researched almost 100 live sports streaming sites, but all are not good, Some websites only show ads and some of the worst and redirect to p*rn sites. That’s why you have to use your own experiences and also if you don’t get something good then please inform me via the comment box, because these links are not permanent it will be changing time to time.

Sox The White 1976 Michael Stitched Jordan Baseball Clock Turn Back Jersey Consider these sites for Free Football Streaming Sites, Basketball, Baseball and so on. You can get all type of sports to watch live. If any website is not working, then don’t be lazy to try another one.

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Let’s talk about the Free Live Sports Streaming Sites –



It is a big sports channel across the globe, ESPN is a perfect option for US based sports lover but not for others. It is not entirely free but it offers you a free 7 days trial in which you can watch several sports live stream, those are football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, hockey and some other

I have placed this website at first because here you get a clean interface and better user experiences, you will not get annoying pop-up and ads here. You can only watch US related sports here so if you belong from other countries then it is not for you. However, if you like US sports, then you can watch it. You have to use a US-based VPN.

ESPN not only available on the web, but it is also available on the Android and iOS platform, which makes it easy to access for the users, you can download the app from the related store.

ESPN it a too popular Sports live streaming platform, according to Similar Web it has around 500 Million visitors per month. Also, ESPN is the biggest name in cable sports; you get many useful features on this website.

Now let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of ESPN


  • It has a clear interface and User experience which makes it easy to access and understand
  • Best for the US-based sports
  • It provides you with the better video quality of the live stream
  • Mazor sports are included like basketball. Football, tennis, baseball, golf, with the proper category.


  • It is not completely free
  • Not for all countries
  • All sports are not available on this platform; you get selected live streams


URL – is also a good option to watch sports online; you know no one is perfect; everyone has some pros and cons. This site is divided into a different section, in case you missed the match then you can watch it later. You don’t get a better UI as compared to ESPN.

While streaming as well as the starting of the video, you will get some pop-up and ads. has around 25 million monthly visitors, most of the visitors are from Germany (10%) and France, and only 5% of users are from the US. is available in different languages; users can choose English, Russian, Spanish, and Italian for the stream.

Sox The White 1976 Michael Stitched Jordan Baseball Clock Turn Back Jersey Almost all games and events are covered in this website like Premier League, Primera Division, ice, hockey as well as NBA, NHL, NFL. Bas part of this site is that UK users are not able to access it, so in this case, you can use a proxy and VPN.


  • Almost all games are available on this site
  • You get multiple languages support
  • This site is okay to navigate
  • This site announces upcoming sports streams some days before
  • Users can make an account and can participate in the community


  • UK users are not able to access this site; they have to use a VPN to access it
  • User get many annoying ads and pop-ups
  • Your screen will be covered with the ad for the first 30 seconds while streaming


URL – is one of the best free sports streaming sites, it is not for all games, but it is the best for badminton, handball, beach volleyball, and table tennis. Yes, you get some option for other games like horse racing, motorsports, and ice hockey. is popular in Germany, and Users can watch online sports from anywhere; still, it is working on every country, This site has two versions one is in the German language, and second is in the English language, it is a good idea because English is an international language.


  • Users can access this site from every country
  • It offers Internationals matches
  • It is available in two languages which are English and German


  • Users get lower streaming quality so they must be patience to watch
  • It is only available in English and German languages
  • User experiences are not good
  • It shows Google Ads

4) CricFree


CricFree is another live streaming site, especially for cricket lovers; Users can enjoy all type of sports here free of cost. It offers a user-friendly and straightforward interface, Users can check the time of live stream in advance, and this is the best feature of CricFree.

Sox The White 1976 Michael Stitched Jordan Baseball Clock Turn Back Jersey It is popular in the UK for live football streams, according to the similar web, CricFree has around 15 Million visitors every month as I told you this site stream all type of sports like cricket, football, baseball, tennis, rugby, etc.


  • Best for cricket lovers but it streams all sports
  • It has an easy access interface
  • You can see a match is currently live or not with some clicks
  • Major international sports channels are available to watch sports online


  • It is restricted in some countries
  • CricFree is not as fast as should be; users have to wait
  • You will be redirected to another site so you will get many ads and pop-ups, you have to be ready for that
  • All live sports streaming links are not working

5) FromHot


It is one of the best sports streaming sites on the Internet; it offers users a unique interface, users can navigate it without any doubt, you can stream many sports like Volleyball, Football, baseball, Moto GP, Golf, Hockey, Tennis, Cycling, Motorsports and some other.

FromHot has around 3 Million monthly visitors every month; it’s most of the traffic comes from France (20%), this site has a good domain authority. It also streams all sports. Sometimes users will be redirected to another website.


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  • Unique and easy to access interface as compared to the other streaming sites
  • Users can watch all sports in one place
  • You get better streaming quality and fast speed


  • Annoying ads and pop-ups will appear on your screen many times
  • All links will not work, and sometime you will be redirected to bad sites
  • It is restricted in some countries

6) Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch is popular in the US; it has around 5 million monthly visitors, and most of it comes from the US (35%). This site has a primary interface; users get an option to search about the match. It is a too favorite place to watch soccer online free of cost.

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Users can watch several sports match like Soccer, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, American Football, Golf, Handball, Hockey, Snooker, Rugby, Baseball, Tennis, Volleyball, Wrestling, UFC, Motor.


  • Variety of sports are available on this site
  • You have a search option which helps you to find your match quickly
  • Not hard to access
  • Fast streaming speed


  • Users will get misleading pop-ups ads, which ruins users experiences
  • Best for the US not for all countries
  • It would be hard to find streaming videos links for the new users

7) StreamWoop

URL – Blackhawks Jonathan 19 Stitched Drift Authentic Red Fashion Hockey Home Toews Jersey

It is also a Live Sports Streaming site which doesn’t have unique features, but you get your job done here. The website interface is clean and not hard to access by the new users, This website provides you good navigation, and with the help of it, you can search your sports match quickly.

US users love this website, and it’s the reason that most of the viewers are from North America, this website has around 1 million traffic per month

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  • Users get a search tool to find each match as quickly as possible
  • Best for US users
  • Sox The White 1976 Michael Stitched Jordan Baseball Clock Turn Back Jersey Users get a clear, responsive layout
  • Signup is not required
  • Good for American sports like NFL, NBA, NHL


  • Not for all sports
  • Not for all countries
  • Sometimes this site goes down which is irritating for the users
  • Annoying pop-ups are available

8) LiveSport24


It is also a cool website with the basic features; the landing page is straightforward. LiveSport24 get traffic from the US and users can use this live streaming site to watch Hockey, Tennis Football, MotoGP and so on.

It has 500K monthly visiter and most of comes from the US and UK, that’s why this site is recommended for the USA and UK sports.


  • Clear interface
  • Best for US and UK users
  • Users get Complete detail for the match


  • Annoying pop-ups
  • This site has a simple Interface
  • All matches are not streams from this website in the selected categories

9) HotStar


It is a modern and premium platform owned by Star Networks; It is mainly for the Indian users. It Streams serval sports in HD quality like Kabbadi and some more. HotStar will not disappoint you because you will get all things premium; it is the ad-free platform.

Indian users can access this without paying anything; they only need to download the application from the Play Store or App Store. The web portal is not free.

Hotstar also has a Premium version for the users in which they can access many movies and some TV channels. If you are from India, then it is the best option for you.


  • Great and modern Interface
  • Super easy to navigate
  • Best Streaming quality
  • Indian users can access this free of cost
  • Sox The White 1976 Michael Stitched Jordan Baseball Clock Turn Back Jersey No pop-ups ads
  • Users can also enjoy movies


  • Not completely Free
  • Best for the Indian Users, not others

10) Sony LIV


Sony LIV is also dedicated to the Indian Users, and it too popular in India, Users can watch all favorite sports without any hassle. It also offers Premium features like HQ video streaming, great user experiences, and modern design of the website.

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The Sony operates Sony LIV, and its name is enough for the trust and quality. Users can download the App from the Play Store and App Store. Sony LIV also offers movies and TV channels as well as live sports.


  • Sox The White 1976 Michael Stitched Jordan Baseball Clock Turn Back Jersey Great and User-friendly Interface
  • Sox The White 1976 Michael Stitched Jordan Baseball Clock Turn Back Jersey Easy to navigate and modern design of the Website as well as App
  • Annoying ad-free platform
  • Trustworthy
  • Great Video streaming quality


  • It is dedicated to the Indian Users
  • All sports are not available on this platform


You may face many problems while streaming free sports online, and sometime it would be frustrating. You know all people are doing their work to earn some money, yes exceptions are always there. Again I want to tell if any Streaming site is not working then don’t be lazy to try another one, also give your feedback in the comment box.

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