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Messi’s dribbling, Ronaldo’s power, Neymar’s control, Salah’s speed and lot more to love about this beautiful game that is called Football.

Football is the world’s biggest and most watched sport. Football is also one of the sports that is played in the most number of countries.

From English Premier League to La Liga, fans across the globe witness their favourite stars go head to head in league games. 90 minutes of pure madness and thrill make football an addictive sport to watch.

However, sometimes we are not sitting in front of the television to watch the match, and we struggle to find official football streaming websites online.

We have curated a list of 10 best free football streaming sites for soccer.

Top 10 Best Football Streaming Sites for You to Watch Soccer Live on TVStitched 3 Crimson College Jersey Richardson Trent White Tide

Blue Jersey Allen Stitched Grayson Black 3 College Devils #1. First Row Sports

First Row Sports is one of the best places to stream football online. Clean design and the easy user interface; these websites cover all the major soccer events in the world.

The site is a pure streaming links curator that gives you the best working links to watch soccer online. There might be few ad pop-ups to distract you but rest the experience is seamless.

#2. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is an exclusive Soccer streaming website which is quite popular among football fans.

The site not only has league wise separation but also, a lot of content that is around football.

So, if you have a knack about the sport, you might find it useful. It also has an app for the same where you can get live updates and stream it online.

#3. Stream2Watch

Sometimes, we need more than watching the match but talk and discuss post-match analysis.

Stream2Watch is one of the few websites that have a community model in place. That means you can chat with fellow users in real-time.

It has a dark theme that is easy on the eyes and makes your complete experience better.

Also, it is not a niche soccer streaming site but also has many other sports to stream.

#4. Live TV

Live TV as the name suggests, it streams all the games across all categories. However, their football section is extensive.

They have goal highlights, live streams, team analysis and many other features. It is an excellent sports streaming website but a great soccer streaming site.

#5. WatchESPN

ESPN is one of the largest sports broadcasters in the world. We all have grown up watching live sports on ESPN.

With the digital transformation and increase in demand for online streaming. WatchESPN is a digital version for the same. It is as extensive as it gets.

We strongly recommend trying WatchESPN as they have the best way to stream your favourite soccer match. With live updates and news articles, WatchESPN keeps you glued all the time.

#6. Hotstar

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Hotstar has grown its fan base quickly. With the website and app, their design is premium, and they have fantastic content on their platform.

Apart from sports, it has a Netflix model as well with some fabulous collection of movies and web-series. For streaming soccer online, you can take their premium as they keep it like that.

They majorly stream English Premier League. So, if you are an EPL fan. Hotstar gives you HD experience as per the time zone.

#7. Feed2All

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Feed2All is another fantastic soccer streaming website just like Stream2Watch. It is purely streaming sites that have enough links to make sure you don’t miss out on any football match.

The design is similar to Stream2Sport which is dark and minimalistic. You can also set the time zone to get an accurate time for the matches.

#8. FromHot

From Hot takes its evolution from Sports Lemon. You will find similar lemon elements present on the entire site.

A well-designed list style website with filters that can be added to make sure you get what you are looking for. You can additionally add plugins to your browser to watch the stream as well.

#9. Sony LIV

Sony LIV is a top soccer stream website with an app extension. They have rights for La Liga and Champions League.

You can watch football online in HD quality if you are taking a paid subscription. Similar to Hotstar, it also has a plethora of movies and web-series present.

Blue Jersey Allen Stitched Grayson Black 3 College Devils One more cool thing about Sony LIV is the live TV that can be watched.

#10. Reddit

Reddit is not a streaming website, but we have kept it in the list because of its credibility to get some of the fantastic soccer live streaming links.

The loyal fan base makes sure, if you need a link for any specific match and are struggling to find, Reddit is the place you will get all your answer.

There are chat trails that are set up just before the matches to discuss and share links.

Wrap Up

So, here you go to the best 10 football streaming sites.

Champions league just got interesting after the Ajax upset and with 2 English teams in top four.

I am vouching for Liverpool, do tell us who do you think can win the champions league. I will be doing an exclusive article for the same.

English Premier League is also at an exciting stage with Manchester City and Liverpool fighting for the title and the most compelling question who will get the 3rd and 4th place.

2019 has been incredible for football. We are sure; the best is yet to come.



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